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Teaching and Resource Materials 

Description Date Comments
Why Israel November 2003 Bible Study notes on the calling and significance of Israel in the redemptive plan of God.

PDF Format.

The Significance of the Sabbath (Shabbatt) November 2002 Part of a series on the Ten Commandments showing the importance of the Sabbath to Israel, and its remaining significance to all believers.
The Story of Ruth and the Church   Parallel of the story of Ruth relating to Israel and the Church.
The Passover of  Jesus June 2004 Covers the events and dates of the Passover and whether we should really celebrate Easter as we do today.

PDF format.

Jesus and the Bride November 2004 Looks at the whole area of Jesus and the Bride, particulalrly in the context of the Jewish marriage at the time.   Who really is the Bride ?

PDF format.

Jesus and the Millenium August 2004 A shorter set of study notes on the Millenium.

A fuller set can be made available on request.

PDF Format.

Romans Revisited September 2006

The primary objective of this study is to explore the whole of Paulís Epistle to the Church at Rome and understand how it relates to our faith, calling and the daily conduct of our lives. It  also looks at at the whole question of Israel and the Church.

This study will use a combination of New and Old Testament writings, plus other sources.

PDF Format